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Sitting on the Bench between Madam Malkin's and Flourish and Blotts was Yumeki Kawatani. Hair as long as it had been in some time and draped over his face as it tilted downward and his arms wrapped around two bags stacked on top of each other. He had just finished some of his school shopping to get the books necessary for his 6th Term and was picking up his School Robes as well as other garments for his Mother from Madam Malkin's. There was still so much more to do today, but if he got it all done in one day that would leave him more time to do what he wanted. Yumeki had never been awarded so much freedom during the summer. What would Sensei be doing with himself if he couldn't help instruct him over summer at school in Japan. Ah well, I'm sure he would make do. It wasn't like Yumeki was shirking on his training even with all his freedom. He liked the Kendo Training, time would tell how he'd take to the added Dueling Training when that time came. All this thinking was keeping him awake. So the soon-to-be 6th Year put his attention directly across the street and stared at the stone wall of another shop until he got so bored he'd just conk right out.
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