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Originally Posted by Anna Banana View Post

Nora had literally just convinced herself it was time to head into the bank, when she felt a small force knock into her. Had she been expecting it, it might not have been so bad. Seeing as it had taken her by surprise, though, she almost fell face first to the ground. Now that would have been the perfect entrance to this brand new magical world. She already felt like the odd one out. Any extra embarrassment would probably just do her in.

When she was steady on her feet again, she slowly turned around to come face to face with a girl her age. "Oh, yeah, umm, sorry about that," she said, feeling kind of awkward about the whole thing. She cleared her throat in a small attempt to ease the awkwardness. She couldn't help but notice the list the girl had in her hand. "Is that a list for Hogwarts?" she asked. Nora had her own list stuffed in her pocket, but she hadn't attempted to pull it out and actually buy anything yet. Cauldrons? Robes? Were any of those things actually real?
Nancy looked down at the list in her hand, almost questioningly for a second before looking back up. "Oh! Yeah, it is," she said with a smile. "Are you a first year too?" she asked. She didn't like to make assumptions, but the girl looked like she was probably around her age. She'd run into a LOT of first years already in the alley - apparently they had a large class this year. Which was both exciting AND terrifying to Nancy.

"I'm trying to decide where to go next," she explained. "I think I might go get my robes, I already got my books and my cauldrons and potions kit," she added.
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