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Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
Jane Howard was sitting on the memorial bench donated by St. Mungo's--she hadn't felt like sitting on the Ministry bench, she was a little irked with the Ministry just at present. The summer weather was pleasant and the garden itself was beautiful, but Jane was currently busy looking over what she had written in a small leather-bound notebook. Every once in a while she glanced up and looked around, as if she were waiting for someone.
The sound of polished leather shoes on stone was carried in on the summer breeze. Framed in one of the archways, the black suit cladded figure was in sharp contrast to the brightly colored flowers around it. If Jane could see past the sunlight that lit him from behind, she would see a familiar face. "The proposal for this garden was one of the first things to land on my desk when I joined the ministry. Had to cross reference every name with my ledger." Damian spoke wistfully, looking past Jane to the statue at the center of the garden.

"Have you been waiting long?" Damian asked, the garden becoming a colorful backdrop when his blue eyes finally fell upon his coworker.
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