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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Reagan had already deduced that Christopher was a family man and spent time with his other family members. She figured he was just extremely fond of Isaac. There was nothing wrong with that; it was quite normal - sort of like how she was super fond and protective of Jude. She had even grudgingly accepted that this trait of being close to one’s family had scored Christopher a point in her book.

When was the last time they had smiled at each other? Last year at the play? Rea couldn’t quite remember. It didn’t matter because the fact that he hadn’t annoyed her as yet was weirding her out. To hide her confusion, she flipped to the back of her word search book where the answers to the searches were printed. The thing was, the wordsearches printed by this book company printed their answers upside down. Naturally the book had to be turned that way. Her eyes zoned in on wordsearch number 15, the current one she was working on. Her attention was focused on Christopher too. “I plan to.” A frown crossed her face as she tried to locate the word that had been eluding her since she sat down here at the bakery by reading through each word.

When Rea had asked about Ko mentioning her traveling to Chris, she had been joking. But hearing the confirmation that it was something that actually happened, she lowered her book with interest. “I am looking forward to it. I always wanted to see as many places as I possibly could. Does Ko talk a lot about me, Keigh and Jude?” she asked. Actually, she only really wanted to know if Koen also mentioned her constant outbursts at him and how childish she could be. But then again…

Why did she care what Christopher thought of her?
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