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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Jude found that he wanted to meet more of Davet’s family when he felt a sort of disappointment come over him when Minnie’s parents were mentioned. Still, he could understand the need for familiarity. Maybe one day he would meet her and her parents. Did Davet know what a great laugh he had? And that smile? He really should be featured in Witch Weekly or Vogue or something. Jude was disappointed that the other boy had to leave but he understood all too well that one needed to make time for their passions. “Later,’’ Jude replied quietly with a smile and another squeeze of Davet’s hand. Only then did he let said hand go.

Scene 6:
It’s the summer of 2109 and Jude attempts to teach Davet the Waltz.

Davet Durand (Chelliephone)
Jude Anders (FearlessLeader19)

Peering over at his boyfriend, he tried to figure the answer out before asking the question. “Are you tired?” Keeping his brown eyes fixed in the full length mirror that showed his and Davet’s reflections, Jude continued to do his stretches. His first coaching class for the summer had only just finished. In his opinion, it went fairly well even if the students were in the ten to twelve age range. As happy as that made him, Jude was so much happier that he was sharing these moments with Davet; even if the curly haired boy was a beginner to dancing. “I think you did pretty great, Dav.” Jude straightened up, brushing his hair from his face as he did so. “Want to practice some more? We’ve got a lot of time before the next class.” If not, they could take a break, maybe grab a snack.
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