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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

He was just going to let that slide because yes, Charlie Bergstrand just might be a little ridiculous. But he was going to continue being this gentlemanly boy. It couldn’t be helped as he had been raised this way. Besides, the guy was more than happy to treat Keighley as she deserved - like a little princess.

THe question made Charlie laugh heartily. But no, he wasn’t laughing at his girlfriend. “I did.’’ Sometimes he forgot she wasn’t that fluent in his mother tongue as yet. Oh, he did love her for trying so much though! “I said ‘cups of hot chocolate are calling my name.” That’s right. Multiple cups. When it came to that blush? It was the most adorable one he had ever seen. “Please don’t sell yourself short, Keigh,’’ Char said softly. “I’ve seen you at MMA; you’re amazing already. In my eyes, you’re the best.” He liked that offer and it was quickly accepted. “How about both? Bpth for training and for recreation?

“That’s a good idea. Back in Sweden, I simply mixed Quidditch and MMA together but only sorted them out by colour: gold, bronze or silver.’’ Char gave his sunflower a sheepish glance then carefully took to unpacking the box. The Quidditch/Flying trophies outnumbered the MMA ones. Soon enough, there were a little more than a dozen trophies of different heights sitting in a neat line on his bed. “I also have a few plaques but those, of course, have to be hung on the wall.” And Charlie stood there trying to look modest about his accomplishments.
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