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Indeed he did. It wasn't only Issac that he cared for either. Christopher cared for all of his nieces and nephews even if it appeared that young Issac might be the one whom he currently spent the most time with. That wasn't entirely the case, he did his best to divide his time between them all whenever they weren't away at school.

And yes, Reagan, they were smiling at one another. Something they had done before however fleeting it may have been.

The tapping of the.. what was that? A.. unicorn? Against the book, gave him the impression that he was either bugging her or that she was confused by his conversation. Either way, she had answered his question so he was going to keep it going as well. "That's good, nothing at all wrong with taking it easy and taking some time off and enjoying yourself for a little while." Taking a year off and traveling sounded like a whole lot of fun to him. "He may have mentioned something like that to me. That's got to be something you've been looking forward to?"
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