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Did he know that he was ridiculous? Absolutely adorable but still.. ridiculous all the same. Keigh would let him have this win though. Mainly because she had been taking the time while he was bringing up all of the boxes to look around his room and familiarize herself with things.

She was looking forward to a summer of speaking lots of Swedish. And having him correct her even more. "Did you just say something about hot chocolate to me?" There was a slight questioning look on her face but her smile never faded. If he was mentioning hot cocoa, she was all in. A faint blush spread across her cheeks at his words. "I'm not that good, Char. Not yet, anyways." What she wouldn't give to be an MMA champion but the time and dedication that would take was somewhat out of grasp for her right now. Her education came first. She nodded in understanding. "Well you can still take part in it if you want.. with me. For either recreation or my training." Or both. And in return she could help him with his Quidditch. Maybe. Okay, probably not but the offer was always there.

As for the trophies they were meant to be putting around his room well.. the blonde took a second or two to look around once more. "Why don't we sort them all first? Group them together by sort and such so we can get a better idea of what you have and then we can see where they would look best?" That sounded like a good idea to her.
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