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In his defense nothing. She was more than capable of carrying a few boxes up stairs to help him out and make the process go all that much quicker. If he had allowed her too. Surely his mum wouldn't have gotten too upset if Keigh told her that she really hadn't minded helping at all. Not that it mattered now anyhow, since all of the moving was already finished. She was going to get to partake in the fun part, unpacking. That sounded much easier to her anyhow.

The more Charlie spoke to her in Swedish, the more she picked up on it. Especially if it was something that he said to her often. She liked getting to learn a new language and now that he was going to be around all of the time, hopefully she would learn even more. Alright, we can take a break after." It shouldn't take them too long to set up his room. The smile on her face was bright when he kissed her cheek but before she could do anything he was looking at his trophies and calling her over. "Whoa, look at you! Are you trying to show me up in competitions now?" There was a playful gleam in her blue eyes and a teasing tone in her voice. "Do you compete anymore?" Now he had her curious about this. Of course she wanted to know all the things when it came to him and sports.
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