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Originally Posted by Holmesian Feline View Post

Simon nodded in agreement as it meant he didn’t have to take time out of his way. Walking had also been good when someone was recovering from injuries and not wanting to push certain things too far. Come to think of it, yoga might be helpful to ease some aches and pains he found himself dealing with more and more. "Maybe its something to look into." He certainly understood how Dorian had felt falling through the floor of DeTalone’s shop all those years ago.

“Well thank you, I will certainly keep it in mind as a change in scenery.” Or for peace since sometimes his own department’s facilities could be occupied either singularly with various members or with YATI training taking over. One of the reasons he had enjoyed the office in the atrium to oversee his workers and that it was quieter than Level 2. Not that his newer office didn’t serve a purpose.

Speaking of the changing of scenery, the lift gates had opened, and it was Simon’s turn to motion for her to take the lead, this time out of the lift. It was her department after all. “After you.”
Lisa felt a bit like a bobblehead, she was nodded so much. When the lift arrived on level seven, she nodded some more and led the way into the department. "I'd best put this away," she said. She gestured at the yoga mat she was still carrying. "Mats are helpful for yoga but just get in the way of Gobstones and Quidditch!" she joked. Although...maybe practicing yoga would be good mental training for some of the athletes in the youth leagues. She'd have to suggest it at the next volunteer coach meeting. A steady mind would make better strategic decisions, after all.

She took a few steps in the direction of her office before looking back to see if Simon was walking in that same direction or elsewhere. It would of course be uncomfortable for her to bid him good day, if they were going to continue in the same direction for a few more moments.
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