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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Too bad Christopher didn’t know that Rea wouldn’t stop taking out her tantrums on him. Too bad he didn’t know that he would grow to love her and her tantrums dearly. Too bad she didn’t know that she would fall just as hard for him and that she’d try to ease up on her tantrum throwing just for him. For now, she would say goodbye to him and in her mind, they were neither friends nor enemies. Acquaintances maybe. “Bye, Christopher! Thanks for coming to see the play even if you didn’t want to!” Rea returned his smile then turned in the direction of her parents.

Scene 4:
It’s the summer of 2109. Rea has found herself at the bakery owned by Cassie - Christopher’s sister. Another meeting between the giant and the little lady!

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Rea hadn’t anything to do in particular that day. The theatre group would be meeting until tomorrow, which left the young woman with the first day of summer free. As a matter of fact, she would be free for the next year because she had only just graduated from Hogwarts. That year would fly by quickly though, given the fact that she was due to tag along with Koen on his tour during that time.

Wanting to be out and about, the seventeen year old had found herself at Cassie’s bakery, and after chatting with the other woman for a bit, Rea bought herself several chocolate churros then took up temporary residence at one of the tables in the bakery. She’d just hang out for a bit to pass the time by eating and doing her wordsearch puzzle. With her fancy purple and yellow pen in hand {it even had a matching unicorn stuck at the top}, Rea opened her puzzle book to a fresh page and got to work.
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