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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Did they know why he took so long to ask her?

Of course!

“Because you were afraid that I would say no, and you didn’t want your heart to be broken over that.” Duuuh, silly Koen! It really was as simple as that. In reality, though, Reagan would never refuse such an offer from anyone who meant the world to her; Koen happened to be one of such persons.

Reagan threw up her hands in defeat. “Fine, fine! I’ll concede to that. She has helped a bit!” Rea’s fave look for Koen was his wrock outfits. If he hadn’t been her brother, she was sure she would have been a wild fangirl with a crush on him. The young woman’s grin could have rivaled the sun, so brilliant it was. “Excellent! I’ll start with mum and dad!” With that, she leapt off her bed. “Race you downstairs!’’

A split second later, Rea was out the door.
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