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The fact she’d grown up multilingual actually rarely occurred to Efa, but it had come up so therefore had to be admitted. It was just a fact, an inherent part of herself. Like everything else. And there was that whole matter of half the Villeneuve family having disowned them because papa didn’t agree with their beliefs. Things like that were extra sensitive after the war, but the language thing was useful in fashion. She could travel to more places. “Oh, I’ve always been curious about Beauxbatons. I went to Hogwarts, but I’ve heard stories. My dad went there when he was in school”. Mum had gone to Hogwarts so that explained her and her siblings’ education. Ongoing, for most of them. Eldest kid things.

The possible meanings behind her suggestion hadn’t really been considered, but she had noticed that it had made her new companion thoughtful. No hurtful intentions had been meant, at all, so she was relieved when it appeared it wasn’t taken as such. “Thank you, I guess?”, she replied with a soft laugh. [b]“They very much can be a common enemy.” She often felt expectations for herself were rather stifling at times, but she’d been lucky to be allowed to make her own decisions. Such as forgoing uni for her internship. And the ice cream shop had been verified, so the grin had been returned as her attention had returned to Kate. “Of course. And, no, not extraordinarily. Just occasionally, since graduation. There are a lot of memories here. And I enjoy checking on new trends in fashion.” Always. Wizarding fashion was so different from Muggle, after all.
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