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"And I'm sure I'll continue to stand by that statement later as well." He quipped back, grin still stretched across his face. He didn't get nearly enough time with Jude throughout the year, so he would happily hog him throughout the summer where he could. A super crazy bunch? "That sounds nice to me though. I look forward to seeing it. My family it's just me and my cousin, Minerva, and I hardly see her since she still lives in France." And was also occupied with a boarding school, similarly to Jude's he supposed. Which... now that he thought about it, he didn't think he knew a name for either education establishments.

He would have asked about Jude's, but given the fact there always seemed to be an unspoken secrecy to it.. he allowed himself to be distracted by the shoulder bump, returning one just as lightly. "That sounds excellent to me. After the auditions?"

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