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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Multiple meant more than once, didn’t it, Christopher? Unless Reagan has suddenly lost her head and forgotten the meaning of words. Yes, she would continue seeing their first meeting that way, thank you very much! And even if she had attitude well… Christopher had it far more. Uh huh! Rea was going to stay stubborn on that topic.

Or try to?

Because like she thought… Christopher was messing with her head. ‘Focus, Reagan Aurora Anders!’ she chided herself. ‘He’s still cocky and infuriating. A few compliments doesn’t make him your friend.’ His… smile. Reagan tried not to stare. This was the absolute first time that he had smiled at her in that manner. It even seemed to be a genuine smile. Before Rea knew it, she was smiling back. “You should smile more often. You’re less likely to get anyone annoyed, including your sister if you get her that way.’' The young woman really meant that. “Anyway, you probably should take the time to go see Koen’s band at some point otherwise he’ll think you’ve only got time for plays.” There was a small smirk playing her lips just because.
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