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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Bringing out the old family albums certainly would help a lot. Their parents had taken a lot of pictures during each of their children’s childhood and well… it would come in handy now. Sometimes one needs to be reminded of certain aspects of life. Seeing all those times with Koen would make her realise how wrong she was for being insecure and what an idiot she was being.

Reagan pouted but it was of the comical sort, even though Koen couldn’t currently see her face. “I’m sure. I can clear my schedule just for you!’’ When the hug was broken, Rea continued with her funny pout but then dropped it soon after. She was forgiven! Yay! Cue a happy Reagan Aurora Anders making an appearance once more! “Oh yes, do I get to choose a dress or do you and Stas already have a style in mind?”
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