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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Daniel Yoon
Sixth Year

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Meredith "Mare" Rowle
Fourth Year

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Kevin Hirase
Law Enforcement

Ministry RPG Name:
Daichi Katharos
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A path is not simply for walking, its purpose lies in moving forward and improving oneself.

(Group 6.7)

Yoon Manor - Pre-Hogwarts
Daniel laughed gleefully as he sped the car through the long corridor inside the Manor. The staff had gathered together and given the young Master an automatic toy car for his fourth birthday, and they were already regretting the decision. Especially since they discovered that the car went faster than they expected.

Daniel swerved right, ignoring one of the maids' frenzied calls to slow down the car. He was having the time of his life! The toy car's side hit the leg of one of the tables in the hallway. The maid shrieked as she watched a bronze candle holder fall to the ground behind the child. "Master Daniel, it's dangerous! Please stop the car" Daniel simply stuck out his tongue and drove away, the poor maid pursuing him once more.
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