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Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
Why was Chloe here? She wasn't fully sure why she had ventured out and about today, but she felt the need to just get out. The rumors in the German magazines about her being traded, though some truth to those, she wasn't sure if the trade the public was expecting was the one they would be seeing. Her love of the game, but not the stardom had kept her out of the possibility of moving to the British teams. She enjoyed living in London without being recognized nearly as easy as she was in Germany. Though some fans still did after being the starter for a few years now.

Pulling her ball cap down a bit and letting her blonde hair fall over her shoulder Chloe took a seat on the bench. Her head hurt from all the thoughts running through her head, from her pretend to be relationship, to really wishing she could just settle in one place, to where she wanted her career to go next. It all just was giving her and headache and she had hoped the fresh air could do her some good.
It had been months now since her return above sea level and Joana still felt like she was walking around on sea legs. Perhaps there was a part of her that was clinging to that time as a captive in Atlantis...a certain almost freedom that came from being leagues beneath the surface of the water and nothing but her own survival instincts and curiosities to keep her sane. They were thoughts and feelings she felt like she could discuss with no one, least of all Jacob who...she just did not think would understand her heart in these matters. Perhaps Gabriel or Eros would understand, since they had gone through it together. Avoidance was not helping the situation either and just because she did not address any of it did not mean the issues were going away. She knew this, of course, but the Thunderbird had better things to focus her attention on.

Her eventual seat on the Wizengamot and inevitable rise to Chief Warlock.

Today, as an attempt to clear her thoughts since she did not have work at the Ministry to occupy her time, she had taken to Diagon Alley for a brisk jog and had been doing so for the good part of an hour by the time she came to rest at the bench. Pulling her water bottle from the tiny sports backpack she wore, Joana took a long sip and adjusted the volume on her music player while singing the Brazilian pop tune under her breath. At least the intention had been to sing softly, her perception of volume was rather off considering she had music playing directly into her ears.

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