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Bryony knew that Aryan knew that he was lucky so there was no worries there. Obviously she helped him. She taught him how to block things out.. Like lots of noise. AKA, her throwing her tantrums, unless of course said tantrum was aimed at him than she wasn't to be ignored no matter what the young boy did. Yes, she very much always appreciated when he shared any of his things with her and she always in turn shared anything and everything she had with him, not that he always liked what it might be. Sorry, not sorry for all of the sparkly, shiny, glittery stuff. And when it came to staying at his home.. Well that.. nothing compared to that. Bry loved those days/nights and was always on her very bestest behavior (or as bestest as a Bryony could be). Patients was still very much a work in progress and she was slowly getting there. It was more diffcult with somethings than others. Like the promise of petting Griffs and getting to fly on Dragons!

The nine year old knew there was no way they could ever walk away from the niffler pen without petting every single one that was within their reach. Not that she minded that one bit. This was simply routine for the two of them. Did Bry know of Ary's dream of owning a Niffler and a Mooncalf? She sure did.. and ummm.. as his girlyfwiend, she was working on it as bestest as she could!!! "Sees you laters, sniffie niffies!" Bry giggled, reaching to take hold of Ary's hand as she always did pretty much out of pure habit now. This time she was more as she let him take the lead in their creature expedition.
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