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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Well… yeah. But in her defense, Rea had tried multiple times to give Christopher the benefit of a doubt. In her mind, he hadn’t lived up to her expectations. Maybe it was because she was so many years his junior. Maybe it was because he saw her as nothing more than Koen’s little sister. Whatever. She didn’t want him to see her as anything more, anyway. She was so done giving him chances. Christopher would have to work rather hard to show her that he wasn’t just another man with a giant attitude. Rea doubted that he would have any such intentions, anyway.

Christopher really was making her emotions go all over the place. At one point she was being cold to him then another, that coldness was thawing off. Reagan clutched desperately at it, which was a difficult task when he was saying such nice things. The young actress resisted the urge to eye him suspiciously at the next words; what did cross her face was surprise. Very, VERY stunned surprise. “Do you… mean that? All of it?” Was this reverse psychology in play? Her being cold to him had made him be nice and proper to him in turn?
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