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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

What a surprise, that he actually cared. Or was this just an ego thing on his part? Because he couldn’t bear the thought of Cassie giving him an earful on Reagan’s behalf? Yes, Rea would chalk it up to Christopher’s ego. Okay, he wasn’t unfriendly but he had made her feel as though she were pestering him. Did he not realise that her asking him continuous questions and him simply answering had given off the vibe that he didn’t want to talk? And that he wasn’t interested in her play or her? Can you blame her, Christopher, that you annoyed her for the most parts? Surely she wasn’t the only one you drove insane?

Rea was silent for a considerable amount of time, oblivious to all the bustle around her as she stared hard at Christopher. She was trying to read his face, an attempt to determine how truthful he was being with her. Apparently his face passed her scrutiny for she nodded. “Okay, I believe you. And thank you again.” A slow smile crept onto her face. “Well, I do plan on going on to being a VERY successful actress someday. Maybe you’ll come to see those too.” There was a shrug on her to indicate that there was no pressure on him to show up to those movies.
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