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Prof. Trent: DaniDiNardo

Hogwarts (Age 11)
Daniel had been most excited about Defense Against the Dark Arts, so imagine his joy when he realized that it was his first class in his first year at Hogwarts.

The first year looked down at the box the Headmaster was holding as he stood in front of the closed door and without greeting the man, he grabbed one and began writing his name.

"I suggest greeting your professors when you get to classes” Daniel didn't raise his head until he heard his name and realized the man was speaking to him. ”Yoon.. Any relation to Minjae Yoon?” At the mention of the name, the Hufflepuff looked up from his task of attaching the nametag to his robe. ” He’s my big brother, he graduated last year”

”I see, I expect great things from him” the Headmaster spoke, and Daniel's face fell for a moment. The Headmaster seemed to like his brother as well... Everyone he had spoken to seemed to like his brother more...

His brother this, his brother that. He felt annoyed again.

Daniel knew that his brother had not even cared about his studies. So why were they speaking highly of him?!

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