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Obviously he loved her. Did she realize how many years he had waited for a younger sibling? Lots. And then he was so wonderfully blessed with her. The delight that was Reagan Anders. He loved all of his siblings but if he were to be very honest, Rea would always have a special place in his heart as she was the one that made him a big brother first. So.. yeah she was always upset with him but maybe that was why he sometimes went out of his way a little more to make her happy.

Hey! It wasn't his fault that she wasn't picking up on what he had been about to ask her and this was playing out all too perfectly. So perfectly in fact, that he didn't even comment on her 'Joker' comment. The look on her face only made him nod his once. "Is that a yes?" Her being completely speechless wasn't normal soooo... either he had completely stunned her into silence or he didn't know what had just happened here. Koen was going to hope for the first one.
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