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Kate wasn't sure how long she'd been lost in the thought of food, because it certainly was starting to take up the entirety of her conscious mind and apparently baby's too if the butterflies she was feeling in her abdomen was any indication. At least, that was it did, until a voice interrupted her, and Kate gave the tiniest of jumps in surprise as she turned to the woman before her. An easy smile settled on her face as she greeted her. "Oh hello! That's so kind of you to ask!" DID she need any help? Considering they looked very close in age, Kate couldn't at all bring herself to ask for assistance to hobble back to the store. She wasn't THAT tired was she?

But... maybe this woman knew the area better than her? "I was just taking a small break and trying to figure out where I should go to grab some food and a cold drink. Do you have any recommendations for the area?" she had probably only been offering assistance out of politeness but... it was worth the question!
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