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Ahem! He was lucky too. She was an Ah-mah-zing! friend!!! Won't ever say a bad thing about Uncle Adi or Uncle Benny and the reserve. Does find it unfair that they can't take rides on the Griffs of Dragons yet but is doing her very VERY best to wait as patiently as she can. Accepts each and everything she is allowed to do there at the reserve with pride and respect. And she isn't a baby Aryan!

He didn't need to be brave to be her friend! Gosh, he was making it sound like she was terrible! She was a lovely friend! Overly excited, extremely hyper, mega clingy, too loud, sometimes bossy and well.. she was Bryony Rose Paton.. but she was also so much more than that too.

Bryony was being extra calm and very still so as not to scare her Niffler buddy away. "Umm.. otays. I gives him a pets again before I puts him down." Which is exactly what she did. Some gentle pettings to his head before she carefully lifted Milo up off of her lap and onto the ground. "Go on and have fun with your shinies, Milo. I'll see you later." With that, Bry got to her feet.
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