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No, no he did not care to find out because he was sure that she could be and he didn't quite feel like being on the receiving end of her anger this evening. But yes, he very well would care. He didn't need to be complained at by a young lady that was nearly half his age. Excuse her?! Last time he actually wasn't unfriendly to her and he did his best to be nice to. It wasn't entirely his fault that she took everything he said and did the wrong way, all of the time.

Christopher arched a brow at her. "If I didn't mean it, I wouldn't say it." He wasn't raised that way. "I meant what I said, Reagan. You really do belong out there on the stage." Whether or not she chose to believe him was on her now. He wasn't going to keep repeating himself over and over again and making himself sound like a goof.
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