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Space has been made - or has it always been there? - for a brand new garden: a memorial dedicated to those who fell in the Third Wizarding War. The garden is surprisingly quiet, given its location in a busy wizarding London street. It's calm here. Peaceful.

Most likely to immediately draw the eye is a statue in the middle of the garden, at the centre of a small pond. A tall, titanium sculpture of a phoenix stands atop a round plinth; almost two hundred names are engraved here, the names of those who fell during the length of the war, listed in columns and slowly revolving, though the plinth itself is stationary. The sculpture seems to bathe the garden around it in a warm glow, and does so year-round. There are some flashes of colour on the titanium phoenix; many of its feathers are detailed in red and gold, and the astute observer will notice that the number of coloured feathers exactly matches the number of names listed below.

Every year, on the anniversary of the 2104 battle, the phoenix can be seen to cry, shedding tears from sunset on 9th May to sunset on 10th May.

A mosaic-like path winds its way through the grass and under arches, made up of bricks and paving stones of different colours. Spaced around the garden, roughly in each of its corners, are four benches. According to the inscriptions on these benches, each has been provided by a different institution or significant area of wizarding Britain: Hogwarts, St Mungo's, the Ministry of Magic, and Diagon Alley itself. Throughout the garden, a variety of brightly coloured and aromatic flowers, shrubs, young trees, and other plants can be found, with plenty of space still left to be filled.
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