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Geeze, Reagan. Could she appear anymore cold towards him right now? He had hardly said anything and the look she gave him was enough to shut him down. Really what was her issue with him? It wasn't like he was mean to her or anything. In fact it was the complete opposite tonight. He didn't even want to be here and yet he was complimenting her on a play he didn't really enjoy but couldn't deny that she wasn't fabulous in. Where was the fairness in that?

Christopher ignored the arched brow skepticism in her voice. "You're welcome. I mean that. You made it look really easy, natural." See, he was not only being nice but honest too. Not always was he a jerk. And Cass had been right, the girl was going to go really far in her career once she finished with school. He gave a small nod of his head towards her family that was nearby, Keighley happily accepting the flowers her older sister had handed off to her.
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