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There was no denying that Griffs and Dragons were completely epic and very very high up on Bry's list of creatures that she absolutely loved! And getting to be around/see them as much as she did was incredible, no complaints from her. Well almost none. She still wanted to fly on a dragon and have her very own baby dragon but everyone said she was still much too young. SIGH.

Excuse you, Aryan! Be brave? He should be HONORED! Boys could be so rude. Yet he was hers no matter what he said, he could deny it all he wanted to cause he was just being a pain in the behind.

Ugh! Come on! Everyone knew that he was! She said so all of the time since probably the moment she could talk. It's not her fault everyone taught she was being cute and no one really believed her.. and he only made it worse by saying it wasn't true. Stubborn boy that he was. "Nah-uh's. I nots gonna do dat when dem's on my lap." She wasn't silly enough to scare the Nifflers away with her ninja stuff. "I don't minds. I can sits right here alls day." As long as she had a Niffler on her lap to keep cuddling with that is.
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