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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
No, Ary wasn't a scaredy cat. He was very brave when it came to the griffs and dragons. And sometimes when it came to handling Bry situations. There were other times when Bry was careful not to include him in things she did because.. well because she knew he wouldn't be interested. Yes, interested was the best word. She was very glad that he at least knew that no one could come between him and her, there bond was strong. Anyone who tried would have a serious problem on their hands. He was hers!

He never did because he knew it was true! That was his loss. More room for the little Nifflers to sit on. Her lap was only so big, you know. "Oh, nos.. I nos bites." Bry shook her head of blonde hair. There would be no biting here. Well, okay, she did bite but she would NEVER bite a creature. Logan, yes but not a creature. More gentle pets for Milo until Mole came close enough for pets too. Bry turned her head towards Ary and blinked at him. "Why woulds I do thats? I no wants to hurts dem." Silly Ary. She knew better than that.

Griffs and dragons!

Yes, Ary was very brave when it came to those and other creatures. He was lucky to have inherited that love for creatures from his fathers. Having Aunty Hady’s family around helped too since they also were fond of creatures. He supposed he also needed to be brave about the fact that he was already claimed by Bry. For now, though, Ary was simply ignoring that fact. Yep. He didn’t know what you were talking about, Bry.

Just like he didn’t know about being your boyiefweind. Ary looked around as Vinny shuffled around on him. The little boy let the niffler do as he pleased; in any case, it was a joy to watch Vinny scoot around. “Becos you mights forgets theys there.” Didn’t Bry know that she can sometimes just start doing athletic things? Without warnings too? “Don’t think we can moves now. Nifflers takes over us!”
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