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It's not like it wasn't true. Sure, he was but Stas wasn't nearly as moody and thank Merlin nowhere near as loud as Reagan is. The younger sister could have all the crowns in those areas of his life if that made her happy. As for her not speaking to him, he knew he would eventually get her to, he always did. It was all in the matter of what he promised her. Having her tour with him though, he was actually looking forward to that.

The look on her face told him that she had no idea what he wanted to ask her and this knowledge only made him grin even more. Good, he wanted it to come as a huge surprise to her. "Well, I was wondering if you would like to be my Best Women at my wedding. Be the one to stand at my side." Yeah, nothing about him was really completely traditional and their wedding wasn't going to be either so no Best Man for him. He wanted his sister at his side.
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