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Originally Posted by Charely Potter View Post

Aha, so it was the same Ash, "Cool, she had actually showed me some of your art during the summer," They were quite striking. The memory of seeing him reminded Caes how long it had been since he heard from her. He might have to make a trip to Owlery soon. "You ever thought of designing something for her works?" In case it hadn't been brought up before, well, now it had.

"Thanks, a friend of mine, Darius, got me into it. Didn't expect it to take so long," He said with a small smile of apparent amusement. As for watching him paint, "Sure," Popping off one of the green paint bottles, he took a random brush to start. "What usually inspires your work? Do you just go with what your feeling?"

"She showed you my work? What did you feel about it?" Ash was flattered that Violet would mention her... she smiled, thinking about her graduated friend. "Violet's really cool. I've never thought to illustrate for her, but I wouldn't say no if she asked." She personally didn't think Violet's stories needed it, or that her art would make it better.

"I'm always happy when other people like tattoos." And when they didn't, she just hoped they respected her choices to get them. Her tattoos were really meaningful to her. And really pretty. She looked over at what he was doing from her seat atop the table, pausing in her drawing. ooh! That a pretty green. "My art expresses what I'm feeling and how I see the world, so I guess you could say that. Only sometimes I'm expressing what something makes me feel, and sometimes I'm expressing what I feel represented by something tangible. The other way around." She sighed, unsure if any of that made sense. "Does that answer your question at all, Caes?"
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