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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Reagan was one hundred percent sure that she was going to sidle by without a single word exchanged between her and Christopher. The thought did not bother her. That man really was the most irritating person she had come across, after all. So just imagine her surprise when the tap on her arm had her looking up into his face. Reagan did not bother to hide the feeling and immediately, she felt herself turning frosty towards him.

The girl arched a perfect eyebrow. “Thank you?” Her tone was not as warm as it usually was and there was a hint of skepticism in her voice. Catching sight of Keighley, she held out the flowers to her sister. Rea wanted to ask him what he was doing here but decided not to. It would mean striking up a conversation which she was sure Christopher cared nothing about. His compliment most likely was just out of politeness, anyway.
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