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Excuse him!

Wasn’t Koen used to mood swings from girls already? Surely he had had enough experience with Stas? If not, then Rea would wear the title of being the moodiest female in his life like a diamond studded crown. But wouldn’t he rather she cry it out in front of him instead of continuing to hold all her feelings inside? Reagan had a feeling that he would prefer it the former way. The promise of touring with him and painting his nails did keep her going. Already the girl was anticipating the limitless amount of fun she would have.

Why was her big brother grinning like that? Reagan sat up and scrubbed at her eyes and cheeks. It seemed as though he had something exciting and important to ask her but what could top her going on tour with him and being allowed to conduct proper manicures on him? “What’s that?’’ Rea asked, puzzled and not in the least suspecting what the question might be.
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