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Who knew this new development to her life could be so exhausting? She'd barely been in Madam Malkins for 10 minutes before Ekaterina had had to hobble herself back out the store and to the last park bench she'd noticed so that she could rest for a moment. This pregnancy was something Kate had very much wanted, but she hadn't anticipated being as tired by essentially everything that she now was. Or how quickly she'd not be comfortable in her clothes, which had been the point of today's excursion. Her mother in law had insisted on just... ordering whatever Kate might need, but the younger Mrs. Kong had been feeling stifled by the elder, so she'd made a string of polite refusals and laid back on 'fresh air will be good for me and the baby' and then she'd been off as quick as she could, before the woman had tried to come with her.

Settling herself on the bench, she let out a soft groan of appreciation for being able to sit, before reaching into her bag to pull out a bottle of water and take a few sips. She'd bought exactly zero outfits already, so she'd still have to make the embarrassing trek back into Malkins after leaving so promptly but... at least that was a probably for 30 minutes into the future Kate and not the current. Although... maybe she could also just delay it further and go and get food somewhere first. What was good in Diagon Alley? This was certainly not the young woman's turf.
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