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Default Bar and Service Counter

Behind the counter is one of the most approachable people in Diagon Alley. Feel free to walk up to the counter and order anything off the menu.

When ordering at the Leaky Cauldron, the staff will fill your order as quickly as possible. However, if you want to order food the wait may be slightly longer. So feel free to, after having placed your order, take a seat in any of the appropriate areas. Once your food is ready, it will be delivered to you.

The owner has kept the menu widely the same since he took over the shop— however he does like to offer samples of new experimental recipes as they are available. The owner has a fondness for the sweet stuff, and his specialty has always been double chocolate brownies which have been added to the menu. Sphinx Snacks are cookies that come with their own individual riddle. If you are finding yourself unable to answer the Riddle of the Sphinx Snack, just eat it and the answer will magically pop into your head. The Gingerbread Men are a lively bunch that will argue with you as to why they shouldn't be eaten, so do be careful when ordering them and make sure that they do not try to run away and fall off the counter. No one is fond of picking up cookie men remains. Arguably the biggest hit with customers is the Dementor's Kiss Delight; a tooth-rottingly rich chocolate cake that comes with your choice of hot beverage for an additional 5 sickles.

The drinks have also stayed largely the same. Exploding Lemonade may be hazardous to your health and should be drunken with extreme caution. Vampire Venom is a drink not for the faint of heart and the Leaky Cauldron is not responsible for any fire breathing that may occur due to the intense spiciness of the drink. Perhaps what you may find the most shocking drink on the menu is not what it appears to be, but instead is a lovely blend of orange, snowberries, lychee, cranberry.

To order at the Leaky Cauldron, come up to the station and tell the staff what you want. Paying is key and mandatory, plus tips are always accepted.

Be mindful that certain beverages are only available to adult witches and wizards and there are NO exceptions to this.

Text Cut: menu & guestroom form

8 sickles

Orange Juice
Pumpkin Juice
Exploding Lemonade
Tea Hot or Iced
Vampire Venom
Moon Milk (Vanilla, Strawberry, or Chocolate)

10 Sickles
Thestral Tea
Incendio Hot Chocolate
Mandrake Root Tea
Unicorn Urine
Latte or Espresso

1 Galleon
Mulled Meade
Red Current Rum
Edlerflower Wine

Salads: 1 Galleon 4 Sickles
Garden Gnome Salad
Auror Salad
Cesar Salad
Chicken and Grape Salad
Mermaid Salad

Sandwiches: 1 Galleon 4 Sickles
Avocado and Bean Sprouts
Turkey and Cheddar
Ham and Swiss

Starters and Sides: 8 sickles
Mashed Potatoes
Steamed Seasonal Vegetables
Onion Rings
Fried Tomatoes
Jacket Potatoes (served after 5 pm)
Roasted Doxy Eggs (sweet and sour, or spicy sauce)
Rice (Brown or White)

Entrees: 2 Galleons 7 Sickles
Fish and Chips
Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes
Veela Hair Pasta
Pork Chops
Roasted Chicken
Pixie Pizza
Sea Serpent Sushi
Cornish Pasties
Shepherd's Pie
Lamb Chops
Steak and Kidney Pie
Beef Casserole

Desserts: 1 Galleon
Apple Pie
Peach Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Rice Pudding
Double Chocolate brownies
Gingerbread man
Dementor’s Kiss Delight
Red Velvet Cake
Strawberry Cheesecake
Hot Buttered Rum

A copy of the application you'll need to fill out upon requesting a room is posted on the wall behind the counter:
Full Name:
Guests (names and ages of all others staying with you):
Date of Birth:
Address (town, country or just country):
Length of Stay (how many nights):
Pets (number and type(s) of pets staying with - 4 galleons per pet):
Balcony (yay or nay - costs more per night):
* Sunday - Thursday = 15 galleons per night; Friday - Saturday = 17 galleons per night.
* 1 week stay = 80 galleons for up to 2 people (85 galleons for rooms with a balcony)
** 2 week stay = 160 galleons for up to 2 people (165 galleons for rooms with a balcony)
*** Other deals include dinner service and evening wine service. See Louisa for special pricing.
**** Prices include breakfast: unlimited toast with jam, two strips of bacon or sausage, and whatever fruit is in season with yogurt

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