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Originally Posted by Watson View Post
Simon sighed at Hopper’s question before he realized he had never told the boy that this wasn’t detention. Well. Oops?

Then the list of complaints came in about how unfair this was. Understandably so Hooper was upset. Merlin, he reminded him of his kids when something didn’t go their way. “Now how I address the situation with Miss Gaeltheos is personal to her. Like how I address this situation with you and how I’ll address this situation with Miss Torros. Accountability is privy to the individual but there will be fair accountability,” explained Simon. He knew it was not the answer Hooper wanted but it was the only answer in Simon’s mind.

His facial expressions softened when he heard Hooper’s side of the story and how it all stemmed from the Start of Term feast. He’d mention this issue to Leanne so that she’d watch out for it. He remained quiet and heard him out until the end. He did note the boy’s foot tapping but did wonder if there was more stuff there. It wasn’t like Miss Gaeltheos to be mean right off that bat. She was usually quite pleasant. “I’m genuinely sorry that that happened to you.” Kids were mean at times. And if you had a tick, sometimes they weren’t understanding of it. “I will speak to Healer Macini about this. Is there anything else that happened? Nothing that you or Miss Toros said?
Looking away awkwardly at anything but the Professor, Hooper’s eyes were trained on the cracks in the floor, drinking in the endless spiders’ webs and dust that had no doubt been there since the beginning of time. “Okay Professor, whatever you say.” It didn’t sound fair to him at all although he wasn’t exactly getting a detention now so he couldn’t complain really. Part of him wanted to argue that his wasn’t exactly private as he’d been asked to come there in the middle of class but he already knew what the answer would be ‘Oh, it’s not private because no one else is there…blah, blah, blah.

Rubbing his eyes, Hooper sniffled and shrugged as the Professor said he was sorry. He didn’t have anything to be sorry about. It wasn’t his fault some people didn’t know he had trouble sitting still. “It’s fine Professor. I…yeah…” Feelings. Emotions. EW. AWKWARD. He’d never been one for sharing how he felt. Bottling it up always seemed so much easier. “Speak to the healer about what?” Surely not his tapping? He didn’t need healing! And as for his question, “When? In class? Not that I know of. She did ask her a question in the hall. Something about a boyfriend but that’s about it,” his face the picture of innocence now. He didn’t see the big deal. Why had she been so butt hurt about it? It was an honest question from Arden.
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