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Originally Posted by hermionesclone View Post
!!!!!! YAY!

Welcome, lovely! I can't wait to see the gorgeous graphics you make
Thank you, Kita!!

Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

FINALLY!!! Did you realise it's almost a year since we first had the convo about you having a shop??? The talk is now a reality and I... SO HAPPYYY for you, Chelliebean! Loving my Jude's graphics up there, BTW

Wishing you nothing but success with this!
You're so sweet, thank you Alicat!!

Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Chellie! You have a shop! You know I have to drop in here and request something officially now! LOL *Squishes*

Name? Ally!
What do you want? Profile Pic and Avvie
Size? SS size
Images? I'll have to send that to you on WhatsApp since postimage locked my account. Her FC is McKenna Grace though
Text? Keighley Anders (and maybe something to do with her 'gift'? lol)
Character info? Sensitive, sweet, caring, Jude's favorite lol, she has the flower 'gift' from Peeves which is what I would like these graphics to focus on please Flowers and cheerfulness!
It feels very fitting that my first official request is for an Anders!! Added you to the queue

Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
aaa! So excited to see you with a graphics shop!! I will be setting up camp and stalking accordingly until it is time for meeeeee to request
Y'all are making me so soft with the endless support in this community <3 Thank you, Ariana!!

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