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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

Pffft, Bry.

Ary didn’t run away from things nor scream like a scaredy cat. If he did, he surely would have scrambled away from Bry a long, long time ago. Poor Bry. Logan was very bad for letting her down. It was too sad that he was occupied with other things - like Hogwarts. Bacon, like Ary, most likely did not have a choice in the matter. If either of them tried to make a run for it, a certain Ninja Warrior in training would come chasing! Oh, this little guy did know the horrible tantrum that awaited him if he ever chose anyone else both for himself and said chosen person. May there be mercy on their souls!

Ary had no further comment on the boyiefweind matter. None at all. But he could not disagree that he and Bry were awfully good together. No thanks, Bry! He liked sitting on the ground quite fine! Besides, this spot offered a great view of the other Nifflers. Vinny was still busy with his shiny so Ary gave the other two Nifflers soft words of encouragement. “Bry does nots bites. She good.” His words did the trick! You’re welcome! He beamed right back at her. Since he knew her well enough, he warned, “Don’ts do ninja moves. You scare them.”
No, Ary wasn't a scaredy cat. He was very brave when it came to the griffs and dragons. And sometimes when it came to handling Bry situations. There were other times when Bry was careful not to include him in things she did because.. well because she knew he wouldn't be interested. Yes, interested was the best word. She was very glad that he at least knew that no one could come between him and her, there bond was strong. Anyone who tried would have a serious problem on their hands. He was hers!

He never did because he knew it was true! That was his loss. More room for the little Nifflers to sit on. Her lap was only so big, you know. "Oh, nos.. I nos bites." Bry shook her head of blonde hair. There would be no biting here. Well, okay, she did bite but she would NEVER bite a creature. Logan, yes but not a creature. More gentle pets for Milo until Mole came close enough for pets too. Bry turned her head towards Ary and blinked at him. "Why woulds I do thats? I no wants to hurts dem." Silly Ary. She knew better than that.
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