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Originally Posted by Watson View Post
Simon had been very close to telling Mr. Ridley-Rush that he had detention but instead... his gut told him it wasn't the right decision. When he heard the younger boy's voice, he turned around. "Please take a seat... Would you like tea, hot cocoa, or a glass of water?" he offered as he poured himself a cup of tea.

"I was going to give you detention but instead... I wanted to talk about what happened between you and Miss Gaeltheos in class. Is there something going on between the two of you?" he asked. He suspected some type of bad behaviour on both student's part but there was most likely a root cause too it.

He wouldn't tolerate such behaviour in his next lesson.
Sulking ever so slightly, Hooper walked in and was in the process of taking a seat, as per the Professors request when he was offered a drink. Stopping, Hooper turned and froze for a moment. “Uhh…why? I thought this was a detention Professor?” He didn’t have to wait long for an answer to his question however.

As the Professor explained, Hooper’s eyes narrowed for a moment as he listened. He wasn’t aware that the Professor had caught what he’d said to Remy and he wasn’t best pleased that he had. Besides, she deserved it! Sighing, he took a seat and looked away as he started talking, “Why am I the only one here Professor? I don’t think that’s very fair. I mean, okay, I’m sorry I turned up late…and that I disrupted your lesson…and that I couldn’t focus because I was a chicken…but like, it’s haaaaaaard when you’ve got feathers everywhere his voice trying to emphasise that having feathers everywhere wasn’t pleasant. He really was doing his best to not sound rude and to explain how he was feeling. Whether or not he was successful was another story.

“Remy made fun of me and I didn’t think it was very nice so I was just repaying the favour. She’s just being mean to me because of what happened in the Great Hall. I was tapping the table, minding my own business and she didn’t like it and started shouting at me.” Taking a pause to catch his breath, Hooper launched back into his story. “Arden stuck up for me and Remy didn’t like that. That’s why she was being mean to the both of us when we were chickens today! Just because I was tapping!” TOTALLY ACCURATE STORY!

Arms crossed, Hooper slumped in his chair a little and began tapping his foot automatically, such was his inability to sit still for any small amount of time. “She shouldn’t be able to make fun of me for something I can’t stop…”
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