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SPOILER!!: Sweetie Bry! <3
Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
That was the difference with him and Bry. It was hard for her to sit around and do nothing at all constantly. Sure, she enjoyed watching movies, playing with her toys or even playing video games but most of the time those things even required her to move around at some point. She couldn't help it that she was an active child and liked to be constantly moving. Poor boy, if only he saw the craziness that was Bry when he WASN'T around.

"Otay! We collects all the shiny for thems!" Nothing that would get them into trouble of course. Only little things like marbles and paper clips and such. Nods her head really fast, blonde hair flying about her face. "I woulds like that. I bets they woulds too.. my lap is really comfy." Bry beamed brightly at Ary trying to sit still now so one or maybe even.. BOTH of the nifflers would come sit with her! How lucky would she be if they both crawled up onto her lap?!


Ary wasn’t sure he wanted to see the extravagant shenanigans Bry got into when he wasn’t around. He could only imagine what they might be and he felt sorry for her siblings; especially Logan whom he knew she was close with. He suspected that Bry even drove poor little Bacon crazy at times. Still… Ary liked her, liked her company and wouldn’t trade her for another {best?} friend.

Indeed. Ary would go hunting for all the shinies with Bry. Between them, they would find a lot for their precious Niffler friends! The boy wouldn’t know about her lap being comfortable but the Nifflers could find out if they wanted to. He returned her smile and decided to help her with the task. “Milo. Mole.” Ary waved a hand at them. “Bry wants yous to sits with her.” He pointed at Vinny who was balancing on one of his own legs. “Likes Vinny!”

Would Milo and Mole listen?
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