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Default SS Recovering from a Cyberattack

Hello SnitchSeekers.

By now many of you have noticed sudden gaps and disappearances of threads here on SnitchSeeker. Unfortunately, between the late evening of September 25th and early morning of September 26th, site experienced a cyberattack by way of hacking that has impacted many of the threads hosted here on SnitchSeeker, effectively erasing them and leaving holes in this site's great history.

Upon investigating our options, it has been concluded that we unfortunately cannot retrieve this data and reinstate the fanfictions, artworks, RPs, news reports, member interactions and many many other things lost because of this cyberattack. We understand that this is incredibly disheartening and devastating, but we can confirm that such online resources as have captured moments of SnitchSeeker in the past, so it is very possible that if you have something that has suffered because of this cyberattack that you may be able to retrieve it through these means. We cannot restore threads and posts from here, but you can copy and paste things for personal retrieval and possible resubmission if you so desire. It is advised that you update your passwords just to be safe.

SnitchSeeker Admin and mods will be doing everything we can to rebuild and move forward to continue to create a space where creativity and a communal appreciation for the Wizarding World can thrive.
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