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Originally Posted by Watson View Post
She nodded in agreement. Jude had a point. Peeves would probably not take the prank as a lesson. “He’d probably think it’s the start of an epic prank war or something like that,” she sighed placing her left hand on her hip. Lisa had noticed Jude’s smile grow when she mentioned the subjects that she were rubbish at. She hadn’t intended on pointing it out but now that Jude had, she simply shrugged her shoulders. She wasn’t going to take offense because it was Jude who had done it. If it had been someone that she hadn’t known as well, she would have most likely taken offense. However, she knew Jude’s intent was always good. “It’s fine… I didn’t take it that way but now that you’ve mentioned it. Kidding,” she teased back before listening to him speak about History of Magic. “Good, then I’ll need to get your constructive feedback on an practice essay I wrote. I’ve got it in my bag if you want it.” She’d just have to fish it out of her stuffed bag. As for Divination, she’d continue to shop around with the older students for help.

Had she ever mentioned how sweet Jude was? Well here he went again mentioning how tragic it would be if they hadn’t met. “Right? Life wouldn’t have been the same,” she nodded in agreement. Jude… Had been someone she had been relieved to talk to last year. He just… got things when she needed it. Besides it had been hard to share with Evan all of what was going on because it had been… well… she knew he had a lot going on. And Maya had OWLS.. And Noah was busy adulting. And she very well couldn’t share the personal struggles with some of her friends because they were all friends!

Ah the dreaded question of what she wanted to do after school. “Uhh no idea. As much as I’d like to be a lost boy, I suppose I should grow up… hopefully something with Transfiguration and DADA.” Those classes just made sense. She was good at them- they came naturally- and she enjoyed them. “What about you?

Jude had seen them? She wondered which interaction but chose not to press anymore. She was happy for them but also slightly perplexed but also happy. Emotions were weird. Did she have a good time? Well she did… She had wanted to go with someone else. Daniel hadn’t been her first choice but he had been fun despite him not wishing to dance but that wasn’t too bad because she had danced with Remy, Atlas, and Freddie. And Stewie too. Yumeki had come in to check on her and he was… an unexpected friend. “I… I did,” she said with a nod, trying to convince herself. “I learned that I can have just as much fun with friends and that I have good friends. Some friends that I… didn’t show I cared for as much as I should have but I’m trying to fix that now.

Jude winced, much like he did whenever Reagan yelled her lungs off for no reason, at that thought. Yeah.. no. That was the last thing they needed and he wouldn’t put it past Peeves to actually start a prank war. That wince rapidly changed to laughter. He loved it when those he interacted with offered quips in return to his jokes or something he said that he hadn’t meant to. “You’ve got it! Sure, I can check on it later tonight after I get my homework done.” Yes, they might only just be back at Hogwarts but already there was at least one essay for him to write.

Life indeed would not have been the same if they hadn’t met and since they had, Jude knew that Lisa was someone he would always check up on; not only because she was his best friend’s sister. There was a hearty chuckle from him. The Lost Boy reference he got as he had grown up watching a range of Muggle movies. “You don’t have to rush to figure it out as I’d tell Keigh and Ev. One day, you’ll wake up and know exactly what’s right for you. As for me, I’ll be heading to WADA hopefully. After that, I’ll be the best dancer and pianist! A few years after, I think I’ll get into teaching choreography.”

The Hufflepuff nodded. “That’s true! It’s all about the ones who are always there for us.” As for Lisa trying to fix things with said friends, he couldn’t have been happier. “You used that as a learning experience. That’s a great thing!” Every moment of life was a learning moment as far as he was concerned. “Okay, Lisa! I think I’ve taken up enough of your time! I’ll take that essay and leave you to get back to life.”
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