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Which came first, the phoenix or the flame?

"Pretty." Ash picked a delicate flower growing by her foot and put it in her hair too. The more the merrier? It was beautiful, so it didn't matter that she already HAD flowers in her hair. She wanted more.


Raj was trying to say something, but she wasn't quite sure what he was saying or why he was rephrasing it. She listened with a look of mild confusion, eventually deducing that he was saying she was pretty. And the flowers were also pretty. And they also looked nice in a combination. After an awkwardly long pause, she understood. "Oh! Thanks! I was thinking the colors went nice in my art, so they should go nice on me." She was never really insecure about her looks(her personality gave her enough insecurity anyway), but it was still an ego boost to hear that she looked nice. Especially when that was one of the only things she was confident about. She smiled, genuinely for once.
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