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That would have been a MOST PERFECT moment to come flying dramatically into the Great Hall, cackles galore... but Peeves was already here! Sitting up high in the rafters, invisible despite already being mostly concealed by the enchanted ceiling. Positively gleeful that his work was already paying off, old Peevesie decided to give an extra helping hand in the chaos caused by the Gryffindor (or was that a Peeves special? he didn't know, he'd neglected to keep track).

The point being that that was why he was here in the first place! And Peeves the poltergeist was not to be outdone, not even by himself.

Flipping through pages of his book, the poltergeist used it to once again bestow more gifts - which he fully intended to do from up here for the rest of the day. GENIUS.

He sent his stealthy little magic towards a boy (Daniel), talking to the yoghurt-covered raisin-claw, cackling to himself all the while.


And what was this? A baby 'claw lingering in doorways? A comrade in stealth! Being that they were now besties, Peeves sent a silent spell from his book straight to that boy (Phoenix) too.


Not to pass up the opportunity to get a two-in-one deal, Peeves turned his attention to the Sssssslippery Sssssssnakes' table, where it was apparently so cold - could be a chilly lot, those scaly serpents - that they had resorted to wearing winterwear indoors. Perhaps Peeves could warm them up!

Really he had no idea. It was rare he had much control over which gift he was giving, not really having the hang of spells, but they'd find out!

He silently sent his SUPER STEALTHY MAGIC first at one student (Yukie), and then the other (Bella).
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