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Originally Posted by Watson View Post
You’ll be my first call,” she promised with a grin. She could see how Peeves may have been one to underestimate the Badgers. “Maybe we just need to pull a prank on him and remind him that he can’t… y’know… pull a quick one over the house of yellow and black!” As for the kind of prank they would pull, they’d have to brainstorm.

She smiled. “I hope so… I really do.” All she could do was take one step at a time. It was, after all, just like learning to fly or as others would put it falling in love. It was all going to work out. Jude was right. She just couldn’t give up. Her worst subject? She paused, racking through all of the classes in her head. “I’d say either Histiry of Magic or Divination. It’s the essays that get me.” Transfiguration? Easy. DADA? She was hooked. Charms? She had them.

Lisa remembered when she had suspicions of Jude’s feelings for her brother but then later, he had confirmed it to her. “So he was right there the whole time…” She tried to think if there was someone who was constantly there but on the sidelines. She could picture two people and they both, surprisingly, weren’t surprising to be there. No- scratch that three when you included Daniel. Lisa shrugged her shoulders when he mentioned that Davet didn’t know. “Perhaps not the greatest thing to do but Noah, Eomma, Appa, Maya, and Evan all told me that they just went to a preppy elite boarding school and not a magical one. I remember my biggest fear was not every being enough to get in. If I wasn’t magical, I feel like I would have failed…” So she was glad to be here. “Though despite all of that, I’m glad I didn’t have the opposite happen. I think that’s be worse.

Jude was the second person after Evan to give Stewie such glowing reviews. Well apart from their friends. “Yeah, he’s just Stew. A one of the kind, loyal, funny, smart cloud admirer. I… He went to the dance with V and it seems like they had a good time.” She knew V had a date upcoming with someone but Lisa hadn’t confirmed if it were with Stew.

Jude immediately chuckled at the thought of pulling a prank on Peeves. Had the Poltergeist even been on the receiving end of one before. “The black and yellow House or any other! I doubt he’d learn his lesson but it certainly would be entertaining for us.” So yes, this Badger boy was up for getting back at the wicked nuisance that was Peeves! As talk turned to the subjects Lisa was bad at, he couldn’t stop his face from brightening up. He realised that a split second later. “Woops! Sorry, didn’t mean to look so happy that you’re bad at either but you’re in luck! I’m really good at History of Magic; I got an O. Have you got any unwritten essays right now? Because I’ll give you some pointers on how to write them; when you have the time, of course.” So maybe not at this instant because Jude was enjoying just conversing with her. “Divination… I got a passing grade but I wouldn’t say I’m a genius at the subject.

“He was.” While JUde hadn’t been blind to Davet’s affections for him, he hadn’t acted upon them because his entire focus had been on Evan. Looking at Lisa now, he wondered if she was thinking about the person - or persons - who she might not be paying attention to. “That makes sense. I’m glad you got in too! Because it would be a tragedy not to know you.’’ Lisa had become very important to him, not just because she was Evan’s sister. “And just look… you’ll be graduating before you know it. Have you decided what you want to do after?”

Jude decided not to bring up the whole kissing thing. Besides, Lisa most likely knew all about it. Whenever she chose would be lucky, whether that person was Stewie or Daniel ro someone else. “I saw them,’’ he remarked cautiously. “But you had a great time too, yes?”
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