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Originally Posted by DuckyLinJi View Post
Lisa looked positively upset by his thoughts, prompting a slight smile on the Hufflepuff's face. He thought it was endearing. In a friendly sort of way. "Of course, you're right, it was a significant mental question" he could have considered it more seriously if he hadn't had such a miserable day.

But then she said something that made him ponder. His wand selected him, according to her words. "Now that you bring it up... " He began slowly. "It's funny because I tried so hard not to get this wand."

He removed his wand from its holster to show it "I didn't like the way it looked." Yes, someone who had nearly begged the wand-maker for a wand when he was eight years old had been fussy the moment he received one. "But no matter how many wands I tried, this one stayed on my mind." He sighed and pocketed it again. "Perhaps fate exists. But it does disturb me a little." He enjoyed the idea of having power over his own life.

Daniel leaned forward to grab another chocolate bread when Lisa shoved him gently. The fifth-year turned his head to see her with her arms crossed. "You're welcome" he grinned before sighing too when she suddenly looked down."Are you concerned about your exams?" he questioned, frowning as he sat back down. It was a stupid question because he was as well.

"Can it be both?" he chuckled. In his opinion, chocolate was always a good solution to many problems.
Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Atlas was say the least.

Whatever this...this thing that was happening to him was...he was not gloating about it like he may have fantasized about once or twice during a list making session with Aries about what superpowers they would want if they were ever to fall into a vat of radioactive waste or whatever. That thought alone made him...sad...for reasons...

Heading into the Great Hall for a meal, Atlas quickly and quietly made his way over to the Gryffindor table and sat uncharacteristically all the way at the end of it rather than somewhere in the middle. The house elves had actually prepared some of his favorites today, which was maybe a sign (if one were to believe in such things) that today would be a good day. A better day.


Reaching forward for the bowl of fresh berries coated in sugar, perfect additions to the yogurt he had scooped out for himself, Atlas' eyes widened and mouth dropped open with a silent gasp as both fruit and yogurt suddenly went ZOOMING away from him. The berries were like an spray that swept across the Great Hall and he winced internally at the amount of stains blackberry and raspberry alike would leave on clothing when they were inevitably smashed against someone. The yogurt was even worse and was hurtling itself across the space in a goopy white orb.

"...nonononono..." he mumbled while shoving his hands deep into his pockets. "...not again..."

The rack of toast sitting on the table just to his left began to rattle until, suddenly, each slice flung itself into the air and spun around like boomerangs all about the Gryffindor table while some whizzed off towards other tables to land, er, wherever they landed.

If anyone asked...HE DIDN'T DO IT!

Lisa was slightly upset by his words but his smile quickly calmed her bubbling feelings. He really ought to smile more. He had such a nice smile. But then if he smiled all the time would the smiles mean the same? She brushed the thought from her mind and instead chose to return his smile with a small one of her own. She shot him a playful wink. “I’m always right.” Big smirk. “Well… maybe 62.91% of the time I am.

He tried not to get his wand? What? Why? Questions whipped in her mind in circles like the wind at the start of a storm. Then she remembered how he had ended up in Hufflepuff. She couldn’t remember if he had wanted that house or another but she had a hunch that was a house that he hadn’t really wanted at first but then again.. she could have been confusing that memory with someone else’s desire. Daniel was one of the friends that had stayed with her. There was little drama but, then again, female friends were different from male friends. Lisa watched as he pulled his wand out of his holster and showed it to her. “What kind of wand did you want?” she asked.

Not being in control of your own life was terrifying. She had to agree with that sentiment. She, herself, had tried so hard to control her feelings and thoughts to please those around her because that was both the past of least resistance and the way to make friends easily. However, last term and this past summer had been a great session in remembering what she wanted and who she was and that she just needed to mind her own happiness. “It disturbs me too. I’m still coming into terms with not being in control of … everything,” she mentioned with a quiet chuckle. Work in progress, she was. “I’m only responsible for me and Pascal, of course.” Her chameleon had also seemed to mature from his first year at Hogwarts. She had spent half the term looking for him.

She nodded to his question while still glancing at her hands on her lap as she looked down. Bringing them together to touch, she intertwined her fingers. “I am. It’s going to be a challenging year to balance studies with friends and emotional weird things… But I know I shouldn’t be overly concerned because if I’m focused on that, that’ll take more energy away from my studies. It’s like my mind knows what to do but then my heart and stomach flip flop. If that makes sense…

Can’t it be both? That very statement was something Lisa found simultaneously endearing and comforting. She turned her gaze to meet his and smiled. “I think it can. Thanks Daniel.

And then this warm feeling was suddenly smacked away by a literal flying object that hit the back of her head, coating her hair in this sticky…. unfortunately for Lisa the yogurt that Atlas had accidentally hurled hit her. Her mouth dropped and she reached her hand to the back of her head. Ewww what was this? Pulling her hand back from her hair, she saw a residue coating her hand. She slowly sniffed it before grabbing a napkin. This bubbling emotional mix of anger, frustration, and sadness was growing. Her hair looked UTTERLY PERFECT TODAY. She had SPENT hours on it. Her cheeks flushed red. It was yogurt. Really? Gross. “Now I just want to hide in the bathroom…” she spoke softly before wiping off the excess yogurt from her hair. “How bad is the damage? Was that Peeves who did that, Daniel? Or is it a first year?
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