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It was okay... Ash doubted he'd have wanted to meet her when she was a younger year(a terrible one), and she'd spent a lot of time at Hogwarts avoiding people, or skipping class to go cry. She still tended to avoid people, which was funny because she thought people liked her more now. She tugged at her right sleeve. "Nice to meet you Raj, whether we've met before or not." If neither of them remembered, it was less awkward for sure. "Oh, that's relieving. It would have been embarrassing if you were just standing here and I was accidentally ignoring you. And also... I didn't want anybody to hear me, which was why I was talking to the statue. Do you happen to be wandlessly, nonverbally growing flowers, or is that me doing it unintentionally?" She would be surprised if she was the one doing that, but she wouldn't be shocked if she lost control of her magic and accidentally put flowers everywhere. It seemed on brand. Anyway, the flowers were pretty and reflective of her mood, so she didn't worry about them too much. "Want one? They only come in blue, gray, and purple, but they're really pretty."
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