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SPOILER!!: Poppy and Jericho
Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
"Yes," Jericho simply smiled back without missing a beat. It was, indeed, a time for salutations and being present in the moment...even if there was a certain dissatisfying aroma to waft through the station every now and then on a breeze. Poppy seemed quite keen on the attention, and she usually did unless people were too eager and aggressive with their hands and petting her before she had become comfortable. "Poppy is the one who takes best to strolls around London. The rest stay more local or on the farm," me cooed softly before giving his darling tea cup pig a kiss on top of her cute little head. Jericho found it curious that of the items listed, this young man - a Noah Evans - was most curious about was was contained within his tumbler. Was a delightful and curious gentleman with such a vibrant purple and orange glow about him. "Ah, a matcha soy latte with a dash of nutmeg and clove." The perfect little warm beverage to boost the memory and ability to concentrate, encourage his aura and heart to remain at peace, and detoxify the body.

So, not coffee at all really. But he had not required any additional pep to his step this morning.

"Terribly sorry to disappoint in that regard, the lack of coffee, I mean," he added with a kind smile. "Oh, and Poppy says that you may call her handler Jericho." Since he seemed the most keen on offering introductions to the pig, perhaps it was best to offer his own introduction through her.

Noah wasn't one to touch people - or animals- without asking for permission first, so he had no problems with waiting for Poppy to decide if she wanted him to pet her or not. Too bad he couldn't talk to animals... but he thought he was pretty good at reading them. "You have a farm? Or visit a farm frequently?" That was pretty cool. If asked, Noah said nearly everything was cool, awesome, or fascinating, but he usually meant it. And if he didn't, it was pretty obvious. Noah had several clear tells when he was upset or uncomfortable or trying to leave. And his aura probably would have told the truth as well(but he was unaware Jericho could see that).

"Ooh, that's healthy. Good for your brain, body, soul, etc," Noah said, thinking about how he could make a matcha soy latte and what it would taste or smell like. "I probably shouldn't have assumed you had coffee. It could have been hot chocolate, or tea, or something." But he wasn't upset about being wrong. "Nice to meet you, Jericho. I'm not disappointed at all. I'm just extra-interested because it's been a while since I've made a 'matcha soy latte with a dash of nutmeg and clove'. Or seen someone drinking one." He paused, blushing. "The last drink I made other than the one I have was a French vanilla cappuccino." The one he made for his girlfriend(!!!) today before heading to the train. "And the next one is likely going to be a hot chocolate for my lovely sister." She thought coffee tasted bad, but she loved hot cocoa and he always brought her one when he came to visit Stemp House. "Matcha soy latte... are you vegan?" He also could also be unable to drink milk, or maybe he just preferred soy for some reason. See the interesting things that happened when you asked about somebody's coffee(or in some cases, matcha soy lattes)?
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