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Ashley visibly started(she was quite surprised) as something hit the floor right next to her, and again as she realized that there was someone standing right there. No worries, the art wasn't personal... but she anxiously wondered how long the guy had been there. Had he heard her talking to herself for a long time? Or worse, did he speak French? And was she that easy to sneak up on??? She cautiously picked up his book, then got to her feet so she could give it back. "...hey." She shifted on her feet in a mildly uncomfortable manner. "I wasn't talking to myself. I was talking to the statue." Just in case he was wondering. "Um, here's your book you dropped." Ashley blushed, mortified that she was caught being weird in public. Lumi was right... she did care what others think.
Raj couldn’t help the cringe as she startled, the sixth year feeling even worse about the interruption and surprise. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to surprise you…or bother you.” Not that he had meant to drop his book and she had obviously been distracted by her sketching and her conversation. He probably could have turned away and continued on his path to the common room without her notice without his clumsiness. “Um…okay.” Who was he to judge someone talking to themselves…or the statue? "Thanks," he added, accepting the book back. Could he get them out of this ackwardness that existed between the two housemates.

“You’re quite talented…” Well a compliment was something positive. And it was the truth.
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